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Sunday 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Phone: 780-459-1530
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Website Accessibility

We strive to strike a balance between supporting our patrons with legacy software and devices while keeping pace with the latest in technology and digital services. To that end our website and many of our services will make use of web technologies and standards such as HTML5 and CSS3.

What does this mean? Speak English Please!

This means that older systems such as those running Internet Explorer on Windows XP and Vista may have difficulty or may not be able to access some of our newer services.  

We recommend either running Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best possible experience while accessing our library services.

How do I make the text on the website bigger?

These new browsers have built in accessiblity support and can make text big or small without breaking the website so you have a better experience visiting the site.


To enlarge → Press "Ctrl +"

To reduce → Press "Ctrl -"

To reset the zoom level → Press "Ctrl 0"

Mac OS

To enlarge → Press  "Cmd +"

To reduce → Press  "Cmd -"

To reset the zoom level → Press "Cmd 0"

Other Operating Systems

To enlarge → Press "Ctrl +"

To reduce → Press "Ctrl -"

To reset the zoom level → Press "Ctrl 0"

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