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Tomatosphere Seed Investigation Results

All the seeds grown at the library were Heinz 9478 F1 Seeds.

J - Control Group Seeds

K - Seeds spent approximately 6 weeks on the International Space Station

31 seeds (out of 36 seeds planted) germinated in the J group, and 33 seeds (out of 34 seeds planted) germinated in the K group. We grew the tomato plants until both groups had flowers, but they were looking sickly near the middle of September and did not bear fruit.

If the library gets tomato seeds from the project in 2019, we may try to grow the plants outdoors if we can find a suitable location. Once the plants are outside:

  • they will receive the full light spectrum
  • they will be accessible to natural pollinators (insects, birds, other animals)


What Was the Experiment?

St. Albert Public Library is participating in the Tomatosphere project.

Over the summer of 2018 until the end of September, we grew tomato plants from seeds to learn about the effects of space on food to support human space travel. Teens participating in the library's summer reading game had an opportunity to make inferences about the outcome of our scientific experiment.


Where Were the Tomato Plants Growing?

Plants were grown in the Aquarium room (currently the Writer-in-Residence office) on the second floor of the library.


News Article: Space tomato experiment in childhood was an inspiration for new NASA astronaut Loral O'Hara


Tomato Plants 79 Days After Planting:

Tomato plants day 79

Tomato Plants 58 Days After Planting:

A grow light was added above the plants 9 days earlier.

Photo of tomato plants on Day 58 after planting

Tomato Plants 49 Days After Planting:

The plants are growing taller.

Tomato plants 49 days after planting

Tomato Seedlings 35 Days After Planting:

The strongest 4 in each group have been moved into bigger pots.

Tomato seedlings 35 days after planting

Tomato Seedlings 29 Days After Planting:

Space Tomatoes June 28 Day 29

Tomato Seedlings 5 Days After Planting:

Picture of Tomato Seedlings on Day 5 after planting

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