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Upcoming Events

Title:ONLINE - Virtual Escape Rooms
Date:Saturday, February 27
Time:All Day Event

Try one of our Virtual Escape Rooms! These games were designed with 11-17 year olds in mind but players of all ages enjoy solving the puzzles! Think you've got what it takes to escape?


Trapped in The Little White School 

 Seeking shelter from a storm, you wait out a blizzard in The Little White School. You'll need to get the electricity back up and running in order to escape this game. 


Click here to play.




The Haunted Theatre 

 At annual scary movie festival, things get spooky real quick. Classic horror movies, old Hollywood lore and some paranomal activity make this game a stand out! Try to get out before curfew! 


Click here to play.


Museum Mayhem 

Locked in an amazing museum overnight, the only way out is the to examine the displays and learn about Ancient Civilizations to escape.

Click here to play.


Phantom of the Arden 

 You're an understudy who's been given the chance of a lifetime to perform a lead role at the Children's Festival. Can you solve all of the Phantom of the Arden's puzzles before the time runs out?

Click here to play.


Hotel Heist 

 Travel back in time to this luxurious 1920s hotel. One of the guests was robbed last night at a masquerade ball. Investigate the crime scene, talk to witnesses and accuse a suspect in this game.

Click here to play.


The Mad Wizard's Tower

You're trapped in a castle with a strange wizard who isn't too keen on revealing the secret to escape.

Click here to play.


Cabin Fever 

 You're locked in a creepy cabin in the woods. You could take the easy way out, or follow the clues to discover treasure.

Click here to play.


Piégé dans les bois 

 Traduis par L'Alliance Francaise d'Edmonton, ce jeu est pleine d'intrigue. It faut rechercher d'indices pour nous échapper d'une vieille cabine dans les bois ici.


Sugar Rush 

 You're an apprentice at a bakery. You're about to start your shift when you discover it's has been pranked with all kinds of puzzles! Can you solve the riddes and narrow down the suspects?

Click here to play.


Maker Escape

 Robots have gone haywire and we need an expert coder like you to make things right.


Click here to play.


Title:Read It & Review Volunteering Opportunity
Date:Monday, March 1
Time:All Day Event

This is a virtual volunteering opportunity for teens in Grades 7-12. Volunteer reviewers promote books, movies, games and music for our community. Reviews are kept on our catalogue and used for library advertising and promotional materials. Check out the latest reviews here.


Volunteering Benefits:

  • Earn volunteer hours (1 hour per review, max. 15 hours per school year)

  • Make your voice heard in our community

  • Promote the books that you enjoy

  • Improve your writing skills

  • Experience to add to your resume



  • Grades 7-12

  • Live or attend school in St. Albert

  • Member of St. Albert Public Library (Don’t have a card? Get one for free!)

  • Interested in reading and writing



  • Must read a book or listen to an audiobook in the Library’s collection that you have never borrowed before.

  • Must write a personal review (150-250 words) that is suitable for publication. We may offer feedback before the review is published on our catalogue. Looking for something new to read? Check out this month’s books up for review.


Review Requirements:

  • Register as a Read it & Review Volunteer on September 1, 2020 at http://teens.sapl.ca/

  • Length of the review must be between 150-250 words

  • Give it a rating out of 5 stars (can give .5 star)

  • Write a short summary and give your personal opinion about the book

    • Share key points about the plot without giving away the entire story. No spoilers!

    • What did you like/dislike about this book? What would others like/dislike about it?

    • Share your thoughts about story elements: the setting, characters, plot, conflicts

    • Share your thoughts about the writing: length of the book, writing style, perspective


Questions? Email to Celeste Trottier, Teen Services Librarian at ctrottier@sapl.ca

Looking for something new to review? Check out this month’s books up for review:





Title:Reading Buddies Volunteering Opportunity
Date:Wednesday, March 3
Time:All Day Event

This is a virtual volunteering opportunity for teens ages 13-17. Volunteers support readers in grades 2-4 by reading ebooks together over Zoom. The goal is to help your young buddy improve their confidence and develop a positive attitude toward reading. When matched with a buddy, you will meet on Wednesdays over Zoom for eight sessions in a row.


Volunteering Benefits:

  • Earn volunteer hours (1 hour per session, even if your buddy misses a session)
  • Experience to add to your resume
  • Contribute to your community in a positive way



  • Must be ages 13-17
  • Must hold a valid St. Albert Public Library card (Don’t have a card? Get one for free!)
  • Interested in reading and writing
  • Positive attitude and interest in helping others
  • Must have a computer or laptop with a strong Internet connection (capable of running a video chat over Zoom and sharing your screen during the Breakout session)



  • Your job is to be friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging to someone who could benefit from reading support.
  • Once we’ve matched you with a little buddy, you will read and hang out with them virtually once a week.
  • Attend Zoom call on Wednesdays at 4:00pm for eight sessions
  • At least 30 minutes of each session will be spent reading with your buddy.


You must:

  • Submit volunteer application form (link below)
  • Complete virtual training (this counts toward your volunteer hours)
  • Show up on time for the Zoom sessions once you’ve been matched (4:00pm)
  • Borrow an ebook to read with your buddy (don’t worry… we’ll show you how to do this in the training!)
  • Take turns reading the story with your buddy, supporting them in their reading


Apply online today! Volunteer application form here.